PetsJubilee Team - Participate and Get Promoted

To join the PetsJubilee Team on Etsy, simply go to our team page on Etsy and sign up:

There are no participation requirements to be on our team, however, the more you participate, the more exposure you receive and the the more sales you'll receive. Team members tend to purchase from other team members.

The Minimums:
Your shop name and link will be the team page on Etsy.

Please join our mailing list:

The first 20 people who refer someone who submits at least 10 samples to the box or buys a box valued at $15 or more will receive $5 through paypal. The referred person must mention your shop name.

The best way to increase your shop, blog or website ranking is with backlinks which (from what I understand) are links to your site from other sites. So, anytime you write a blog post, an interview, or an article (either about Petsjubilee, or for us to use) or send in pictures or videos of your pets enjoying the petsjubilee sampler boxes, we'll link back to you (and include all of your links). If you submit prizes for our games or giveaways, your shop url will appear in a blog post and on our website.

Link Exchanges:
Become a fan on facebook
a follower on twitter
and PetsJubilee will do the same for your social media sites. (More links to follow).
Display a PetsJubilee ad, button or link on your blog or website and we'll do the same.

PetsJubilee Admin:
I need help. There is so much to do for events and advertising and sales, etc., that I can't do it all. Anyone interested in helping out, please let me know.  In exchange, you'll receive 200 tweets, a link in our emails and on our webpage for the months you participate.

Join us in the forum and help promote the team and active team members and receive 200 views of one of your items approx. once a week, a button link on our emails, blogs and website.

Do it all:
Participate like crazy and donate to the sampler boxes for the full, free treatment! You'll receive all of the above plus everything listed on the join our box page! What are you waiting for? Let's get started today! Sign up here and start getting noticed :)